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Thursday, June 13, 2013

[Book Review] Lips Touch: Three Times

Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor
3.80 / 5 (4,594 ratings)
Publisher : Ufuk
Translator : Melody Violine
Release Date : February 1st 2012 by Ufuk Publishing House (first published October 1st 2009)
Format : Paperback, 386 pages
Source : Blok M Square
Genre : Paranormal, Romance

Seorang gadis ditaksir oleh pemuda yang sangat menarik di sekolah, yang mungkin akan mengantarkannya ke dalam kematian. Seorang gadis lainnya tumbuh tanpa pernah bicara akibat kutukan iblis yang penuh dendam. Dan, seorang gadis ketiga mengetahui bahwa hidupnya dikelilingi oleh makhluk-makhluk mengerikan. Tiga gadis... Tiga ciuman... Tiga cinta… yang menakjubkan...

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I thought this book was a paranormal romance novel. I thought I would read one story of it, from the first page to the last one of this book. I was curious about the synopsis, imagining there would be three girls as a main character. I was wrong! This book actually contains three paranormal romance short-story. Each story leads a virgin girl whose life was filled with the magical circumstances.

After I read the first and second page, I instantly felt teribbly bad for the translation. The Indonesian translation was horrible that I almost put down the book on my shelf and never read it again. But I kept reading since I thought maybe it is because the story itself is too complicated for the first chapter, so the translator made some mistakes and errors, and even some typo(s). And I was right. The more pages I read, the better translation I felt.

I love the third story of all. It's the thickest story of the three story, the best translation and the most enjoyable to read, too. Overall I did like all stories, eventhough all of the stories did not have a good starting paragraphs. Laini Taylor seems didn't know when to explain a magical world she creates, and I should enter that world alone, makes me questioning what is Druj, what is happenned before until the story starts from this situation, etc. But as I continued reading the book, I knew almost all idea of what the writer imagined.

The first story has a strong romance, while the second is more about cravings, and the last is slightly about magical creatures, and the darkest of all, and contains some adult-content like rape. I tried to compare this book to Neil Gaiman's, but since I just only read one of his book (The Graveyard Book), I don't have anything to comment except the Neil Gaiman's story is a way too far more children-able, and Lips Touch is a way too much darker. Even I think this book has the darkest story I have ever read. I will never get smile when I read it. The author made it all so confusingly mysterious.

The unique part of this book is that two of the story is taken place in India. I wonder if Laini Taylor comes from India. And there are some India names, too.

Updated: I just know this second I'm posting this review that the translator is one of my friend at BBI (Blog Book Indonesian Community). :)

My Rating :

3 stars - This book was OK, read it if it sounds good to you

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