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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Book Review] Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It  by Jill Mansel
3.79/ 5 (7953 ratings)

Publisher: Elex Media
Release Date: 29 May 2013
Format: Paperback, 468 pages
Source: Gramedia Pondok Gede, 20% discount
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Akankah kau tergoda? Tilly Cole, yang baru saja putus cinta, menerima begitu saja sebuah pekerjaan di kota kecil sebagai "Asisten". Pekerjaan yang menyenangkan, di rumah pedesaan, awal yang baru, kenapa tidak? Tapi tidak lama ia mendapati dirinya masuk ke dalam komunitas yang penuh gosip, intrik dan persaingan ketat memperebutkan pria lajang yang paling diincar di kota itu - Jack Lucas.

Gosip mengenai petualangan cinta Jack "yang suka mencintai wanita lalu meninggalkannya" itu sudah tersebar luas, dan Tilly memutuskan untuk bersikap dewasa dan bijak . . . yaitu menghindari Jack sebisa mungkin. Tapi semakin lama Tilly menghabiskan waktu bersama Jack, gosip itu terasa semakin tidak masuk akal. Tilly tidak tahu harus percaya yang mana . . . dan Jack tidak mau membicarakannya.

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I thought I started to like Contemporary Romance. I bought this book because of the genre, the publisher, the discount, and mostly because of the cover. I love that cover!

Like any other young adult-romance, the story still rolles between the romance of the characters. I added one thumb for Rumor Has It because however, the story is not like any other chicklit or contemporary romance that I’ve read. The romance story is not as low self-esteem as another book in a same genre.

I like Tilly, because she shows as a normal girl, with a normal nervous-ness and a mid self-esteem. She isn’t funnier than Sophie Kinsella’s character like Becky Bloomwood, but that is what makes the story was enjoyable to read. 

At first, from the synopsis and the title, I thought the book would be full of socialite’s life and rumours spreading. But let me tell you, the book is just about finding relationships and trusts. There are some characters that lead a single major story, eventhough Tally and Jack take the most part and of course they are my favorite part. 

Overall, the translation is good and no typo, and enjoyable to read for Young Adult genre’s fan. Not so impressing, there aren’t anything strong about the characters, settings, or plots. But it’s good to read.

My Rating :

3.5 stars - This book was OK, read it if sounds good to you

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