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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end. No more puzzles. No more variables. And no more running. Thomas was sure that escape meant he and the Gladers would get their lives back. But no one really knew what sort of life they were going back to.

In the Maze, life was easy. They had food, and shelter, and safety . . . until Teresa triggered the end. In the world outside the Maze, however, the end was triggered long ago.

Burned by sun flares and baked by a new, brutal climate, the earth is a wasteland. Government has disintegrated—and with it, order—and now Cranks, people covered in festering wounds and driven to murderous insanity by the infectious disease known as the Flare, roam the crumbling cities hunting for their next victim . . . and meal.

The Gladers are far from finished with running. Instead of freedom, they find themselves faced with another trial. They must cross the Scorch, the most burned-out section of the world, and arrive at a safe haven in two weeks. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them.

Sebelumnya saya review The Maze Runner, dan saya bilang saya (honestly) nggak suka sama ceritanya. Well, di buku kedua ini saya mengharapkan sesuatu yang lebih. Lebih baik, lebih jelas, lebih seru, dll.
Taapi sayangnya saya harus kecewa lagi di buku kedua. Ceritanya tetep ngga jelas seperti sebelumnya, dan kekejaman masih jadi topik utama buku ini. Kayaknya yang dipikirin James Dashner ketika menulis buku ini adalah bagaimana membuat cerita yang sadis. Dah itu aja. Sisanya, seperti plot, karakter, dll, jadi terabaikan.
Masih banyak bagian-bagian yang missing information, dan luar biasa anehnya, seperti kemunculan pria hologram dalam ruangan tak tertembus. Really weird and I cant even imagine that. Munculnya si pengkhianat, yang sampai akhir buku pun saya masih nggak ngerti apa alasan orang itu berkhianat. Lalu ada label nama setiap orang, yang saya juga nggak ngerti fungsinya apa. Overall, the whole story are the missing pieces.

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